Useful stuff

Turning RSS into a personal newswire: Nothing encapsulates the way web tools enable journalists to see so much more than RSS (Really Simple Syndication). In a nutshell, it creates your own personal newswire.

Five alternative search engines to Google which would help journalists: There are an abundance of other search engines around – some good, some bad, some just a little different – but there are a number which I’ve found useful for journalistic purposes over the past few months.

10 alternative rules for covering Magistrates courts: We all know the usual rules for covering court, but what else is there to know?

Getting started on Twitter – and making it relevant for journalism: I thought I’d throw together five points on making Twitter work for you. Only it’s actually six points.

Running a group on Flickr – and how to keep everyone there happy: Flickr is perhaps the easiest online community to get involved with. The people on there are there because they like taking photographs and like sharing photographs. For many, the thought of being published is something to get excited about.

Six ways to get easy Christmas specials: (and hopefully avoid being dressed up by the newsdesk)

Working with hyperlocal sites – 1o tips for journalists: A list of things journalists working in the mainstream media may find useful about hyperlocal journalism.

Let it snow: Six websites to monitor when you are weather reporter: There are a number of websites and tools out there for reporters given the task of keeping their newspaper/website up to date. Here are five I’ve found handy in recent weeks.


3 thoughts on “Useful stuff

  1. Hi David

    I specialise in all aspects of information and surveillance law. My two websites contain lots of useful stuff including an FOI podcast, webcasts, a blog and many articles.

    I find your blog and twitter page very informative and have added links to your site:

    Would it be possible for you to add links to our websites?


    Ibrahim Hasan

  2. Looking at the list, many of the titles were free titles, the ones most likely to struggle when local firms reign in their spending and without the ability to easily tap into national advertising spend.

    Ouch. That homophone is painful. I think you need a sub.

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