So, about picking the X Factor winner from search…

Ok, so I’m not sure where I’m going with this. A week ago, I decided to test out Bill Tancer’s theory that by monitoring search trends, you can determine who will win a talent contest (a televised one, of course) several weeks in advance. Of course, Bill has the benefit for all the Hitwise dataContinue reading “So, about picking the X Factor winner from search…”

The X-Factor search experiment: Kandy Rain

On Thursday, in my first post on this blog, I explored the idea that by studying search trends you can pick an early winner of a a talent competition. This was based on the book “Click” I have been reading, by Bill Tancer of Hitwise. He demonstrated how it was obvious Mark Ramprakash was goingContinue reading “The X-Factor search experiment: Kandy Rain”

Can the winner of X Factor be predicted on search trends?

I’ve been reading Bill Tancer’s brilliant book Click over the past few weeks. It’s one of those books you won’t pick up if you assume you understand how the web works. If you don’t make that assumption, and you do pick it up, it’s fascinating. Bill is general manager of global research at Hitwise andContinue reading “Can the winner of X Factor be predicted on search trends?”