Seven useful search engines for journalists

One of the first posts I wrote when I began this blog looked at alternative search engines to Google for journalists. It wasn’t a knocking post about Google, but a post which aimed to explore if there were alternatives to Google for journalists seeking information beyond Google’s first page. Earlier this year, it became theContinue reading “Seven useful search engines for journalists”

Turning RSS into a personal news wire: A how do I guide for journalists

Sunderland University were nice enough to invite me along to speak to a group of their second-year journalism students this week (I’m assuming they’d done something wrong so needed to be punished). One of the things I touched on during the session was the way the internet, and social media tools in particular, have revolutionisedContinue reading “Turning RSS into a personal news wire: A how do I guide for journalists”

Five search engines (other than Google) for journalists

Warning: This isn’t a knocking post about Google. Google is great for the vast amount of searches we do, but it’s always dangerous as a journalist to fall into the trap of only ever using one search. If Google does have a problem, it’s the fact that with so many different organisations competing to beContinue reading “Five search engines (other than Google) for journalists”