Turning RSS into a personal news wire: A how do I guide for journalists

Sunderland University were nice enough to invite me along to speak to a group of their second-year journalism students this week (I’m assuming they’d done something wrong so needed to be punished). One of the things I touched on during the session was the way the internet, and social media tools in particular, have revolutionisedContinue reading “Turning RSS into a personal news wire: A how do I guide for journalists”

Why should a journalism student blog?

At Sunderland University on Tuesday, I was speaking to a group of second year sports journalism students, and one of the things I covered was the sort of skills students should arm themselves with. I suggested one of the most valuable weapons to arm yourself with at a job interview was proof that you bloggedContinue reading “Why should a journalism student blog?”

What can the news industry learn from the Meerkats?

Rupert Murdoch tells the world that Google should pay for the content it accesses from his websites. Google responds by saying it isn’t in the business of producing content, it’s just there to help people find it. And then the debate continues about who needs who more:  Do newspaper websites need Google to get anContinue reading “What can the news industry learn from the Meerkats?”

Has Coveritlive changed online journalism for good?

(Updated Oct 15 to correct link to Manchester Evening News) On Saturday, I was at Manchester Piccadilly. Lots of police were around, asking questions of anyone under the age of 25. The English Defence League were in town, and with the EDL – there to “fight extreme Islam” – was Unite Against Facism, which wasContinue reading “Has Coveritlive changed online journalism for good?”

Seven common newsroom myths about online journalism

I was asked the other week by a journalism lecturer about how different I thought life was like for a journalist starting out in a newsroom now than one who started out, say, four years ago. In particular, this lecturer wanted to know what common misconceptions exist among people looking to get into journalism overContinue reading “Seven common newsroom myths about online journalism”