Seven useful search engines for journalists

One of the first posts I wrote when I began this blog looked at alternative search engines to Google for journalists. It wasn’t a knocking post about Google, but a post which aimed to explore if there were alternatives to Google for journalists seeking information beyond Google’s first page. Earlier this year, it became theContinue reading “Seven useful search engines for journalists”

Running a group on Flickr: Tips on how to keep everyone happy

The word “community” is one of those words which crops up at any gathering of online people. How to build a community, how to get involved in a community, how to make the community feel involved with you – and, to me, it’s great that that’s the case. But for newsrooms which, until recently, knewContinue reading “Running a group on Flickr: Tips on how to keep everyone happy”

10 alternative rules for journalists covering magistrates court

Every trainee journalist has the principles of covering magistrates courts drummed into them from early point in their career. And when the issue of hyperlocal websites v traditional media raises its head, one of the issues which regularly comes up is “But will these hyperlocal sites cover courts?” The answer, at the moment, is thatContinue reading “10 alternative rules for journalists covering magistrates court”

FOI Friday: 10 things we’ve discovered this week thanks to the Freedom of Information Act

Private healthcare costs, the burden to taxpayers of a free lunch, convicted teachers carrying on at schools and the number of cases of children being injured or dying while known to social services – just some of the subject matters covered by Freedom of Information requests reported this week. As I said last week, theContinue reading “FOI Friday: 10 things we’ve discovered this week thanks to the Freedom of Information Act”

Has Coveritlive changed online journalism for good?

(Updated Oct 15 to correct link to Manchester Evening News) On Saturday, I was at Manchester Piccadilly. Lots of police were around, asking questions of anyone under the age of 25. The English Defence League were in town, and with the EDL – there to “fight extreme Islam” – was Unite Against Facism, which wasContinue reading “Has Coveritlive changed online journalism for good?”

Seven common newsroom myths about online journalism

I was asked the other week by a journalism lecturer about how different I thought life was like for a journalist starting out in a newsroom now than one who started out, say, four years ago. In particular, this lecturer wanted to know what common misconceptions exist among people looking to get into journalism overContinue reading “Seven common newsroom myths about online journalism”

Five search engines (other than Google) for journalists

Warning: This isn’t a knocking post about Google. Google is great for the vast amount of searches we do, but it’s always dangerous as a journalist to fall into the trap of only ever using one search. If Google does have a problem, it’s the fact that with so many different organisations competing to beContinue reading “Five search engines (other than Google) for journalists”