I’ll add useful FOI stuff here:

FOI Friday: A weekly round up of FOI stories which have appeared, mainly, in the regional press

FOI FAQ: Some answers to questions I’ve been asked. If there are any you can think of, please let me know

6 thoughts on “FOI

  1. Hi David,
    I’m a freelance journalist who is keen to expand my story remit to include more FOI applications however I am confused about the number and type of local authority I need to include.
    Most national articles I read will include 160+ local authorities but I can’t work out which of the 400+ councils they have include. I assume it is city and county councils but I don’t want my figures to be incorrect by covering the same stats twice from authorities in the same region.
    I hope my problem makes sense!

  2. The Dransfield Vexatious Case GIA/3037/2011 is the UK leading VEXATIOUS cases and has now exhausted the UK Legal System and now awaits the European Court of Human Rights.
    Strangely, Lord Terry Burns and his cronies don’t think the Dransfield vexatious case is worth reviewing despite a lot of discussions. According to Christopher Graham Dransfield is a Bad,Sad Madman and according to Dransfield, the ICO are in meltdown and Christopher Graham is a Psychopath.
    The Devon County Council are throwing the kitchen sink and thousands of pounds of taxpayers money at Dransfield FOIA. Why?

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