Learning from hyperlocals to make sure the news still matters

How do you define success as a local journalist these days? Number of front pages? Number of page views online? A sense of job well done at the end of the week? All of the above make sense in the here-and-now, an instant sign of job well done. But to find the key to aContinue reading “Learning from hyperlocals to make sure the news still matters”

Top 10 most read journalism posts of 2011 on this blog

When I first started this blog, I was determined that it wouldn’t just be my opinion on stuff, or rants about stuff, either.
I’m not sure how well I’ve done in achieving that aim – but going through the most read posts of 2011 (I’ve done a separate list of FOI posts here):

Credit the picture, but not the story? A Blottr paradox

While compiling FOI Friday this week, I spotted this story on Blottr: Over 40,000 weapons seized at courts in Birmingham. Blottr describes itself as ‘the people-powered news service.’ It’s a way for ‘citizen journalists’ – I stick the phrase in quote marks because I’m never sure how many people would consider themselves to be citizenContinue reading “Credit the picture, but not the story? A Blottr paradox”

Learning from #hyperlocal: An effective way of making councillors accountable

Up and down the country, the annual budget meetings are taking place at local councils. Town Hall budgets are being slashed due to government cuts with most councils having to make very difficult decisions. Central government has been quite good at passing the buck on the cuts – indeed, the fact local government is bearingContinue reading “Learning from #hyperlocal: An effective way of making councillors accountable”

Councils and hyperlocal ‘bloggers’: It’s the council system which needs changing, not how people are allowed to cover them

A lot of discussion today around Eric Pickles’ demand that councils ‘open up their public meetings to local news ‘bloggers’ and allow filming of council meetings as standard. According to the Department of Communities and Local Government, Mr Pickles feels this is essential  ‘to ensure all parts of the modern-day media are able to scrutiniseContinue reading “Councils and hyperlocal ‘bloggers’: It’s the council system which needs changing, not how people are allowed to cover them”

#Hyperlocal crime data arrives

There will be a lot of fuss in this morning’s papers about the arrival of the new police mapping tool Police.uk Police division crime data has been available for a long time, but for the first time, details of a number of crimes will be mapped right down to street level. Vehicle crime and anti-socialContinue reading “#Hyperlocal crime data arrives”

The top 10 most read posts on this blog in 2010

I write about all sorts of stuff on this blog, but try to stay focussed on the stuff I think people would want to read about, so check the top posts stats quite a lot. I’m always amazed that so many people read my blog, and thanks to everyone who takes the time to readContinue reading “The top 10 most read posts on this blog in 2010”

A hyperlocal website for an airport

There’s hardly a shortage of websites which cover Heathrow Airport – which is probably what makes Skyport invaluable for those that actually work there. Skyport as a print publication has existed for over 30 years, covering all the news which is of interest to people who work at Heathrow Airport. BAA reckons around 70,000 peopleContinue reading “A hyperlocal website for an airport”

1000Flowers conference: Some thoughts

I suspect I’m last to the party in terms of blogging about the 1000 Flowers conference organised by Rick Waghorn  in Norwich last week. Suzanne Kavanagh from Skillset has blogged here,  Harry Harrold is here on the 1000 Flowers website and Joseph Stashko here. It was organised by Waghorn to get people together to discussContinue reading “1000Flowers conference: Some thoughts”

Hyperlocal websites: 10 ideas

Over the past few months, I’ve been researching ways that hyperlocal sites and local newspapers/websites could work together. In my opinion, in many cases the relationship between the two is improving although most would probably suggest there’s a way to go yet. The idea for this list came out of a few of those conversations.Continue reading “Hyperlocal websites: 10 ideas”