The Christmas Eve front pages of 2016

As much a tradition in newsrooms as watching Home Alone, eating far too much and falling out of Monopoly all are at home (or is that just my house), the Christmas Eve front page is something planned in advance by most newsrooms and fought for by journalists in many too.

With Christmas falling on a Saturday this year, many regional Press titles (in my opinion) produced some of their most compelling front pages of the year, combining strong stories which carried a certain festive spirit alongside promos for other features in the often-larger weekend editions.

Of course, breaking news will always overtake even the most carefully-planned Christmas Eve front page, and you can see that happening in a few below.

And then there’s the Wolverhampton Express and Star which certainly ensured it was likely to be a talking point over Christmas Turkey in many Black Country homes on Christmas Day with its poll suggesting most people in the region regretted the vote for Brexit:


A front page to get the newsdesk phones ringing on Christmas Eve if ever there was one. “What it is, is….”

Anyway, here are the front pages I could find…




How Black Friday was reported by the regional press

So, how was Black Friday for you?

By my reckoning, last year was the first year Black Friday was bothered with by a significant number of big stores in the UK, mirroring the traditional sales frenzy seen in America on the day after Thanksgiving.

But yesterday was the first time it became properly newsworthy – so mark this special occasion – lets face it, it’s going to be in news diaries everywhere from now on – here’s how the regional press is covering it.

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A headline which shows the pun still has a place in the online world

If you listen to regular newsroom logic, the internet is to blame for many things, including the death of the clever headline.

Search Engine Optimisation, goes the discussion, has killed off the need for a clever headline to draw the reader in.

It’s all about getting as many words that people will be searching for into a headline, preferably in the order they will be searching for.

And people don’t search for puns or plays-on-words in Google, right? Right? Well, sort of.

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