Life is local: It’s all about the election, stupid


Election day is one of the few days in the year when some regional newspapers can get back on to the presses for an on-day edition. But what about the day after the morning after the night before?

Election Saturday’s front pages work on many levels for the regional press. Time has been had to take stock about what’s going on and where, and what it means locally. Front pages also have a unique value online – they can grab the attention and remind people that professional journalism lies behind the links our brands share.

So where to start yesterday? How about York, where the Press led with the question many are still asking:

election york

While Theresa May was, in theory, the winner on Friday, the Daily Post in North Wales returned to the scene of the election decision in the first place to dish out this stark message:

election dp wales

In Plymouth, the Herald reflected the views of opposing candidates to conclude:

election plymouth

While the Derby Telegraph had a very simple question which follows in a changing world:

election derby

For the Belfast Telegraph, this was just the latest in a line of elections to throw up chaos and confusion – but no-one probably expected the balance of power to shift from Westminster to the province in quite the way it has:

election belfast

The deal didn’t impress people in the North East, with the Northern Echo bolding proclaiming:

election ne

Not surprisingly, the future of Theresa May was a front-page talking point in many places:

election edp

While in Norwich, the Evening News praised the youth vote for actually getting out and voting:

election norwich

And the Bolton News led with the recriminations locally after the town which hosted the election launch for the Tories failed to respond at the ballot box:

election bolton

In Bradford, the area’s new Labour MPs wasted no time in turning the screw on the PM:

election brad

And a cartoon summed up a grim night in Brighton for the Tories:

election brighton

And this front page in Gloucestershire is a treat:

election gloucester

While the Teesside Gazette had a positive appointment – a new manager at Boro – alongside the election to play with on the front page:

election boro

And finally, I love this front page from the South Wales Argus – a great example of telling a story which can be summed up as ‘nothing’s changed here.’ Which, given the events of the last 72 hours, is unusually a story in itself!

election argue

election blackburnelection dorset

election grimsbyelection huddselection oxfordelection shropelection south waleselection swanseaelection worcesterelectionb urnleu


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