Manchester: A minute’s pause captured across the country

Friday’s regional newspapers continued to be dominated by events in Manchester, with an increasing focus on the impact the actions of terrorists were having in their areas.

More than 50 newspapers led with stories related to Monday’s terror attack, with victims being named, armed police on the street – and tens of thousands of people taking part in a minute’s silence on Thursday morning captured in many papers too.

For the Manchester Evening News, it was time to reflect a different mood emerging in the city – that of the debt of gratitude so many feel towards the emergency services:

fri terror men

Many weekly papers had stories of people who felt lucky to be alive, such as this example from Wakefield:

friday terror wakefield

While other papers, such as the Nelson Leader, had stories of how fate spared some:

friday terror manchester

The sight of armed police on trains was new for many – and made the front page of several newspapers:

fri terror wmn

While in Ipswich, the first of what I suspect will be many ‘poor choice social media’ stories made the front page:

fri terror ipswich


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