Manchester: Regional press front pages share horror, grief … and a determination to support those suffering

The terror attack on the Manchester will dominate the news for days to come. It was one of those events which stops you in your tracks, and poses so many questions.

For regional newsrooms across the UK, it was another occasion where the lines between ‘local’ and ‘national’ news were blurred by the fact events in Manchester were the only thing people were thinking about.

As today’s front pages show, this was a tragedy which stretched way beyond the city in which it was inflicted. Stories of escaping, of helping, of grieving and of helping dominate pages of the regional Press from across the UK.

The obvious place to start is in Manchester, with this front page from the Evening News:

terrorm MEN

It was third front page in 24 hours from the MEN on the terror attack at the Arena – which to many people is still known as the MEN Arena due to the title’s long-term sponsorship of the entertainment venue.

The newsroom published a 9am edition yesterday with more than 30 pages of coverage, and had several pages of coverage in its regular overnight edition yesterday, which went to press in the early hours of the morning.

Dozens of daily titles today led with events in Manchester, with many more – including weekly titles – making reference to the tragic events through kind words such as ‘Standing together with Manchester.’

What follows is by no means an exhaustive collection of all the regional press front pages which lead their titles today with news related to Manchester, but I’ll update it again later in the day.

terror m ypterrorm llepterrorm chorleyterrorm blackpoolterror m echoterrorm sunderlandterrorm stoketerrorm hullterrorm wmterrorm wmnterrorm wiganterrorm shieldsterrorm portsmouthterrorm oxfordterrorm nottsterrorm northernterrorm dorsetterrorm gloucesterterrorm grimsbyterrorm hartlepoolterrorm herlaterrorm irishterrorm lancashireterrorm leedsterrorm leicesterterrorm MENterrorm derbyterrorm cardiffterrorm burtonterrorm bristolterrorm brightonterrorm boltonterrorm argusTerror ManchesterTerrorm newcastle1terrror m newcastle2

terror m sheffstarterror m southamptonterror m swindonterrormcambridgeterror m yorkTerror m bradfordterrormshropshire

terror m brumterrorm coventry

terror m swanseaterror m scotsman

terror m swanseaterror m scotsmanterror m norwichterror m ipswichterror m express and starterror m edinburghTerror m eadtterror m eve herald



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