And the award for most unusual piece of crime prevention advice goes to…

When I saw the front page of the Accrington Observer this week, it was the subdeck which made me stop in my tracks:

4 accrington

17 years into the 21st century, is it really too much to expect that the only way to ensure someone doesn’t flash at you through your front window at night is by closing your curtains?

Apparently not – and this story surely wins the most surreal piece of crime prevention advice prize for 2017 – with this police quote:

“While these offences are concerning and distressing for the victims, the man has always run away once he has been seen and has never made any attempt to speak with or make contact with the victims.

“We would take this opportunity to advise local residents to remain vigilant and ensure their curtains or blinds are closed at night time.”

According to the article, he strikes at night … and has been getting away with it since 2011. 




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