Life is Local: It’s all about council tax, then (but so much more too)


Every week, millions of people rely on their local newspapers and websites to keep them informed of what is happening in their area. When seen together, they can paint a picture of life in the UK in a way no other collection of stories can. Life is local – and this is a look at the front pages which stood out over the last seven days

With councils up and down the country setting their council tax for the forthcoming year, it’s hardly a surprise to see the results of their decisions – against a backdrop of spending cuts at the same time – making the front pages.

In South Wales this week, neighbouring (sort of ) papers had very different takes on the goings on at their councils:

3 glamorgan
The Glamorgan Gazette told it straight – £5.8m of cuts from many services…
3 gwent
While in Gwent, it was the way to generate more money – by sponsoring the Mayor’s car – which made the front page.
3 sunderland
The Sunderland Echo wins the award for best headline for council-related cuts…
3 boston
In Boston, Lincolnshire, attention has turned to making sure a council cut – to Christmas lights – won’t result in the lights being turned out…
3 burnley
In Burnley, they are still fighting a council cut from 12 months ago – a great example of keeping the pressure on
3 northern echo
While at Durham County Council, police are investigating after poison-pen letters put a price on the heads of councillors.
3 horncastle
In Horncastle, the police have also been involved in council affairs – after the town’s mayor claimed he was being bullied by fellow councillors. 

The national spotlight has rarely been away from the search of Corrie McKeague, the RAF gunner who went missing last September. Last week brought news that police suspected his body was in a rubbish tip near Cambridge. It was covered by titles both close to the tip and close to Corrie’s home in Scotland:

3 cambridge

3 fife corrie

3 bfp

Another big national story last week was the sale of Vauxhall – understandably also big news in Ellesmere Port:

3 ellesmere

And remember when Dale Farm was big news all over the news? It still is, in Essex at least:

3 baslidon2Leading the news (on Sky News at least) on Saturday was the story of the drug Spice leaving homeless people behaving like walking zombies. Not really news to the people of Manchester, where the story was broken last Monday as the result of an investigation by the Manchester Evening News:

3 men

While the Daily Post in North Wales told the human side of drugs after concerns about what Wrexham bus station was being used for:

3 wrexham

This week’s crop of stand-out headlines included:

3 wandsworth3 rochdale3 colchester3 cardiff3 worcester3 wdp

And I thought this picture was a brilliant way to lead a front page and celebrate an annual event which has probably been on the front page a hundred times before:

3 ashboune

Sticking with sport, it was also front page news in Oxford:

3 oxford

And finally, in Glasgow, the Old Firm Derby was always going to be front page news, but maybe it’s the newspaper promotion which stands out – someone in newspaper sales was clearly expecting a testy affair!

3 glasgow2




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