Life is local: Front pages containing stories to make you laugh, cry and wonder why…


Every week, millions of people rely on their local newspapers and websites to keep them informed of what is happening in their area. When seen together, they can paint a picture of life in the UK in a way no other collection of stories can. Life is local – and this is a look at the front pages which stood out over the last seven days

Five days ago the South Wales Argus reported on how Marjorie Ovens would soon turn 100 but had no family – and expected not to get any birthday cards either.

The Argus had a simple request of its readers: Could you send Marjorie a card? The answer, from hundreds, was ‘yes.’ Five days later and this was a front page to make even the most cynical of journos smile:


The real stories of local people, carefully told, is what the regional press is surely all about. And it wasn’t just the Argus demonstrating that this week.

Several regional newspapers led their Wednesday editions with coverage of the Tunisia terror attack inquests.  The verdict, that they were unlawfully killed, came as no surprise, and for the families, the details of the cowardice of those who were meant to look after their loved ones was not a shock either, even if it was for the rest of us.

Beyond the global headlines lie many local stories, sensitively told by several regional papers:







Local politics, not unusually, provided a fair share of front page stories this week, with this one from Thanet Extra perhaps standing out as having one of those intros you’ll only ever get to write once: “Thanet’s Labour group sold cosmetics meant for the homeless to cover election expenses.”


The Western Daily Press held a local council to account with front page coverage of a car crash involving a girl at a location which, until council cuts, had a lollipop lady
One bound to make local blood boil – the local council in Hartlepool ripping up new carpets because they are ‘unsustainable’.
And you can rarely beat a bit of local rivalry when one local councillor from down the road starts having a pop about your local area…
The Portsmouth News began the week with an investigation which surely should be a national scandal – the poor state of military homes, with a backlog of repairs resulting in families sharing bathrooms
The Sunday Herald revealed how 45 Scottish lochs were being wrecked by pollution.
The Stirling Observer launched an unusual campaign this week – to make make sure Network Rail did all it can to minimise the disruption caused by a bridge closure to a minimum. Transport stories made for memorable front pages in several places…
The Croydon Advertiser held Southern Rail to account…
… and the YEP began the week by investigating why Leeds roads why so congested.

Strong human interest stories, as ever, appeared in several places:

The Liverpool Echo’s sensitive coverage of the Alzheimer’s battle facing Liverpool legend Tommy Smith…
The Canterbury Times reported on a remarkable battle a woman had during pregnancy…


And the Belfast Telegraph reported on the schoolboy whose battle against cancer captured hearts around the globe.

Criminals, not surprisingly, found their way on to many front pages:

This court case was 20 years in the making…
In Hull, a double murderer’s details were revealed…
and in Scotland, the sort of ‘you couldn’t make it up’ court case headline which we’ve all encountered before…
… with this one line in a Grimsby court case making for a jaw-drop headline…
Did you hear the ones about the robbers who had to call a taxi when they ran out of fuel? The Teesside Gazette had…
And one thing the Brexit campaigners probably never imagined they’d get blamed for.
While in Coventry, it was the fact that an alarm was left to ring in an old police station for three weeks which made for the front page.

In Worcester, perhaps one of the more remarkable stories of the year:

Well, quite…



… while sights of a more unexpected nature made the front page of the Brighton Argus after the half marathon…
…And a sight no-one in Wales hoped to see as Wales On Sunday perhaps picked up the award for headline of the week after a surprise 6 Nations defeat.





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