Jumping for joy: And why there’s more to A Level coverage than airborne teenagers

A Level results day brings back various memories for many reporters. Late-night inputting of every result in East Lancashire with fellow reporters at the Lancashire Evening Telegraph after someone had deemed we didn’t need extra copytakers to get them into the system is the first one which springs to mind.

But in the mind of many – particularly those who enjoy to parody the regional Press – it’s little more than lots of pictures of teenagers jumping in the air. Are they right? Well, sort of (and we’ll come to those picture in a bit).

A quick scan through today’s newspapers – most newsrooms were covering results day live via websites, m-sites and apps yesterday – shows a wide variety of takes on A Level results.

Triumph after tragedy – the relative of a Tunisia massacre victim celebrates his grades (Derby Telegraph)

derby telegraph

The first student in 55 years to get a place at Oxbridge from his school (Newcastle Chronicle)


Asking a question you won’t find on any exam paper: Why isn’t the region doing better at exams? (The Journal, Newcastle)


The back stories behind the smiles (Cambridge News)


Capturing the agony and the delight, one frame at a time (Burton Mail)

burton mail

The colleges which make sure they have great props (Sunderland Echo)


.. and in Stoke too (Stoke Sentinel)

stoke sentinel

But if it’s jumping that you want, then yes, the regional press has made it something of an art form…

How to made the front page while still hiding you face while jumping (Bristol Post)


And they’re hiding in Ipswich too (Ipswich Star)


You’ve nailed your A Levels, but can you jump while smiling and holding an umbrella? (Brighton Argus)


… Or while holding a big piece of card? (YEP)


Well, if you’re going to ask them to jump, why not ask them to do it on some steps? – Belfast Telegraph

Belfast Telegraph
Belfast Telegraph

The all jumping, but none looking the same way picture – Blackpool Gazette

blackpoolgazetteHigh (Lancashire Telegraph)


Higher (Coventry Telegraph)

cove telHigher still (Daily Post)

daily post

Not very high at all (Norwich Evening News)

norwicheveningnewsMuch higher (Gloucestershire Echo)

gloucestershire citizenAnd the ‘you really don’t jump when you’ve got future careers at Oxford to discuss’ pose (Teesside Gazette)


See, there’s much more to A-levels results day than jumping for joy. But straight As? You’d be jumping too, no?


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