Perhaps the most startling UGC photos to ever be submitted to a newspaper?

Stories involving people complaining about the state of public toilets have long been bread-and-butter content for newsrooms up and down the country.

But here’s a case of the cleaners striking back.

Faced with moans about the state of toilets in Alnwick, the cleaners responsible for keeping the loos spick and span decided to respond to the local newspaper, the Northumberland Gazette, with evidence of their own.

Evidence, they said, which showed the state some people were leaving the ladies’ loos in, in the first place:

toilet storiesAnd it’s evidence the Northumberland Gazette has since shared with readers via its website.

There’s plenty of further evidence on the Gazette website, should you really, really want to see more examples of perhaps the most remarkable UGC to be submitted to a newspaper.

A spokesman for the county council helpfully said: “On some occasions, public toilets are not left in an acceptable state by the previous users. We urge people to have respect for others and to be responsible and considerate.”


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