Try It Tuesday: TinyLetter

The aim of Try It Tuesday – if it can be as bold as an aim – is to share a tool a week which might be useful to journalists. It might be new, it might be old but forgotten, or it might be somewhere inbetween. It’ll be something I’ve found useful though and one I’d suggest spending 10 minutes getting to know. 


try it tuesday


What: Tinyletter is an effortlessly simple tool to use if you want to start sending email newsletters to your readers. And it’s free.

Why: The growth of mobile has led to a rebirth for email. Long predicted to die at the hands of social media, the truth is quite the opposite.

And for journalists, that provides a chance to connect directly with readers. Many publishers already do this very well – the Daily Telegraph’s daily politics email is a great example of an email which is personal in tone, but reaching a wide audience.

TinyLetter offers a simple way to produce stylish newsletters, and offers up a basic, but very good, sign up screen. It provides basic metric to monitor who opens it and what gets clicked on.

In short, a great way for journalists to attract people to content around their beat or specialism through a regular, hand-crafted digest.


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