Try It Tuesday: Ground Signal


The aim of Try It Tuesday – if it can be as bold as an aim – is to share a tool a week which might be useful to journalists. It might be new, it might be old but forgotten, or it might be somewhere inbetween. It’ll be something I’ve found useful though and one I’d suggest spending 10 minutes getting to know. 

10. Ground Signal


What? Ground Signal is a mapping tool which allows you track all social media activity which is geo-located within an area you define

Why? There are a variety of tools on the market which allow you to do this, but some come at significant cost. Ground Signal stands out because  it has a free option, and a pro option which is a matter of dollars a month.

Once you’ve set out the area you want to monitor, you can watch it live – so great for a breaking news story – or you can receive updates daily or weekly on email, making it very handy for beat reporters, for example, council reporters wanting to keep an eye on anything around the local town hall.


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