Try it Tuesday: PinAlerts

Ok, here goes. There are loads of great tools out there to help journalists do their job. So many in fact that it can be overwhelming.

So, in a moment of blatant theft of an idea picked up from USA Today at the ONA Mobile conference in London earlier this month (USA Today has Mobile Monday and Social Tuesday), I’m going to try, er, Try It Tuesday.

The idea is supposed to be a simple. One tool a week which I find useful, and which I hope other journalists will too.

Some may be new, some might be old, some might be ones we’ve forgotten in the race to try the new shiny thing everyone is talking about. But hopefully all will have in common the fact they are worth spending 10 minutes playing with after you’ve read about them.

Journalism for many years was about getting trained, becoming a senior and continuing to get better at the job. Digital journalism means learning all the time, with those who find the time to experiment with new tools, in my opinion, more likely to be successful in the future.

So here’s the first:




What? Pinalerts is an email alert service for people wanting to keep tabs on how often a URL is posted on Pinterest, the social network still tipped as ‘the next big thing.’

Why?  Several reports have claimed Pinterest has more users than Twitter now, with engagement time on the service more than rivalling other social networks. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, however, it’s not easy to drive audience from Pinterest if you’re the one doing the pinning. However, seeing the content people are pinning from your site is handy both in terms of knowing what could be popular among users, and also to keep an eye on what people are saying.


One thought on “Try it Tuesday: PinAlerts

  1. David- Thank you for sharing out our Pinterest marketing tool. It’s a scrappy little tool and can really save you time with your Pinterest efforts. Best of luck with your blog and career endeavors! ~Paul (Co-founder of PinAlerts)

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