How Black Friday was reported by the regional press

So, how was Black Friday for you?

By my reckoning, last year was the first year Black Friday was bothered with by a significant number of big stores in the UK, mirroring the traditional sales frenzy seen in America on the day after Thanksgiving.

But yesterday was the first time it became properly newsworthy – so mark this special occasion – lets face it, it’s going to be in news diaries everywhere from now on – here’s how the regional press is covering it.

It is one of those events the regional press is getting much better at covering: Giving advice online and in print in advance, covering what’s happening live online and then providing another angle for the next print edition.

And if there’s a lesson in this, it’s that shopping is big news. We’ve always known that, but online provides with a chance to get much closer to readers through shopping.

My favourite headline wasn’t on a front page, but inside the Daily Record, which reported on ‘black and blue Friday.’ In contrast, The Gloucester Citizen headline stated: “Black Friday bargains draw ‘unruly’ crowds.”

The Manchester Evening News perhaps had most to go at, with police called to several stores. Greater Manchester Police managed to grab the headline by criticising Tesco for not predicting the chaos which occurred. No word yet on whether GMP predicted it, of course.

But perhaps the smartest front was the Grimsby Telegraph, which referenced recent claims that everyone in Grimsby is poor, with a headline: “Spend, Spend Spend… Now Grimsby really is skint!”

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