What’s special about today? It’s like ‘last post before Christmas’ … but for FOI

Counting the days down to Christmas in November always seems a bit premature – but when you have to factor in 20 days for something, then it starts to mark sense.

Which makes today one of the last days to get Freedom of Information requests in if you want them to aid your supply of ‘Christmas specials’ (the stories which see newsrooms through Christmas).

FOI requests have to be processed and replied to within 20 days – although there are many cases where this simply doesn’t happen.

But assuming organisations remain within the spirit of the law, 20 days from today is December 15 (or December 16, if you choose not to include today).

That leaves just about a week to get the requests, assuming they deliver useful responses, into stories which can help drive page views and fill pages throughout the Christmas period.

All of which is a very long winded way of saying: Here’s a link to the FOI Friday archive which, by my reckoning, has upwards of 800 FOI suggestions which could work for regional newsrooms.

Merry Christmas!


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