If he looks like Luis Suarez and bites like Luis Suarez … a CCTV still destined to go viral


Luis Suarez ‘copycat’ incidents have been all over the national press today, perhaps blowing the ‘footballers aren’t paid to be role models’ argument out of the water once and for all.

But spare a thought for the man police are seeking in relation to a biting incident in Manchester which occurred four months ago.

He has the misfortune to bare a passing resemblance to said biting footballer … and as a result, what should have been a bog standard police appeal has suddenly gained much more momentum:

The Manchester Evening News report includes one of those sentences that a journalist can only expect to use once in their career, if that:

After the attack the victim was left to find his ear lobe and take it to hospital to be reattached.

Police say:

“The shocking nature of this attack means we are extremely keen to bring this man to justice as soon as possible, as he has already shown he is capable of extreme violence.

“If you recognise the man in this picture please contact police as soon as possible.”

Unusually for CCTV stills, it’s safe to say that if you if you know the man, you’ll know instantly.

Suarez’s antics on field might be bad news for the beautiful game, his country and Liverpool FC, but Greater Manchester Police it’s perhaps given them the chance to tap into money-can’t-buy publicity for a hunt which has been going on since March. Good for them


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