The newspaper letter of complaint which became front page news

Criminals contacting their local newspaper to complain about accuracy of articles are the stuff of legend in newsrooms around the country.

In many cases, they might be on the wrong side of the law, but how they come across in the newspaper is very important.

In the case of on-the-run burglar Darrell Burbeary, the complaint centred around what the police were saying about him.

So cross was he about what the police put in an appeal which was published in the Sheffield Star, that he wrote to the Star:


According to the Star’s article:

Burbeary, aged 43, has contacted The Star by letter to say: “You wrote a statement about me saying my home roots were Heeley.

“You couldn’t be further from the truth.

“My home roots are the Manor estate of Sheffield.”

Burbeary added he could not disclose his current address ‘for obvious reasons’ – but did provide his telephone number in the letter.

“If you do any more write-ups about this please contact me,” he wrote.

“Any doubts you may have, I will correct you. So please do not hesitate to phone me.”

Who knew it was so offensive to be linked with Heeley? 

But he later thought better of it and realised the number might lead to him being traced – because he scribbled the digits out.


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