Heidi the horse … and 11 other animals seemingly obsessed with football

Remember this fella? He’s long gone now, but back in 2010 Paul the Octopus became one of the most famous faces of the South Africa World Cup without even leaving Germany.

For those of us who followed England in that tournament, Paul the Octopus is probably the only thing we want to remember from that tournament.

And, unlike England coach then Fabio Capello, Paul has certainly left a legacy. Youtube’s been awash with tails – sorry, tales – of animals getting in the mood for the World Cup.

From predicting the results (how 2010!) to fielding guinea pigs against each other, here are 10 Youtube videos which will have you saying ‘ahhhhh’ and ‘argh’ in equal measure:


1. Penguins like England at first, but then seem to go for the draw

It would appear not to be a black and white decision for them….

2. Guinea Pigs go for it

I love this video, but it’s less like watching Brazil, more like watching a other team which parks 10 men behind the ball who then seem surprised to see any ball at all. So pretty much League 2 then.

3. The seal that knows it isn’t Stuart Pearce

It says something about a country’s World Cup confidence when they aquarium tries to train an animal to make the team

4. Because pandas know all about scoring


5. Nellie knows best

6. Sheep World Cup final

Look out for the sheep who wears his Brazil kit the way I imagine Ronaldo (the original one) would now

7. More elephants

Ever suspected someone’s brought a ringer in for a kid’s footie match? That’s nothing when you suddenly realise these guys have selected elephants in their team

8. Another signing for City

Manchester City have got in the act with a brilliant mutt.

9. This feels fishy

But the sea turtle went for a Brazil victory in the opening game.

10. And this camel might have the hump

This camel doesn’t have to do much to pick his team, he just turns his head.

11. You can’t beat a bit a Bully

Pets at Home’s video might be a bit obvious, but at least the dog has the right idea.

12. And finally … the most random World Cup brand association attempt you’ll see

Will Heidi the Horse become the new Paul the Octopus? Probably not.


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