D Day remembered: Front pages from the regional press 70 years on

ww2bournemouthdailyechoFriday marked the 70th anniversary of D Day, and as time goes on the chance to remember the heroic actions of thousands of men and women with them diminishes. As we have seen with the anniversaries relating to World War I over the last 20 years, each occasion involves fewer and fewer of the people who can actually remember what happened every time they close their eyes.

There are few things the regional press do better than capturing the mood of such occasions, and clearing the space for those memories to be shared with the next generations.

The challenge in the digital age is to ensure such events are treated with the same respect and focus. The good news is that video, audio, picture galleries, interactive storytelling tools and data visualisations make that just as possible as powerful front pages. It’s all about knowing the tools available and how to use them to great effect. These videos from the Bournemouth Echo prove that.

Here are the front pages which caught my eye over the past few days. I particularly liked the Bournemouth Echo’s clever wraparound, which combined clever photography with a powerful quote and the decision to use the masthead being used in 1944.



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