How to epically fail at being missed by journalists leaving court (part 2)


There’s making sure you don’t miss a thing in your local newspaper, then there’s this…

The other week, I wrote about a story on WalesOnline which generated a lot of social media interest, not for the court case covered, but the very odd disguise one of the accused tried to use to dodge the attention of photographers … with exactly the opposite effect!

Up in the North East, Corbridge man Richard Philip appears to have reached for the first thing to hand to avoid the lens of photographers from the Chronicle and Journal newspapers … a copy of the Newcastle Chronicle!

Given he was in court for using secret cameras to film women in the changing cubicles of a swimming pool, it seems rather ironic that Philip was so determined to dodge the cameras himself.

And the result was that on The Journal’s website, Philip’s attempt to dodge the cameras resulted in not just one picture, but two being used.

After all, a man walking down the street with a copy of the Chronicle attached to his face was never going to attract attention, was it?



2 thoughts on “How to epically fail at being missed by journalists leaving court (part 2)

  1. I love court snatches where the offender does the elaborate ‘face cover’ trick – generally you’ve already got their mugshot anyway, and a pic like this is far more eye-catching.

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