The vox pop which sums up the biggest problem facing European politics

As Jeremy Vine prepares to prove the point that just because you can shouldn’t mean you should when it comes to going over the top with graphics people simply can’t understand, one local newspaper I’ve seen this week found a much better way to get to the heart of the biggest issue facing the European Parliament.

Millions of words have been written by heavyweight political journalists about the issues swirling around today’s European election polls, politicians have put in thousands of miles trying to meet real people and convince us all they have the answers to Europe, and reporters around the country have put many man hours into trawling through Twitter and Facebook to look for an indiscreet comment or two or turn into a story.

But the Whitby Gazette vox pop asks the question which, for me, cuts straight to the heart of why there is so much voter apathy around the European elections:

whitby gazetteStrictly speaking, the five people above are represented by six MEPs as part of the Yorkshire region, which is probably part of the problem – it’s hard to imagine someone could create a more remote way of electoral representation if they tried.

That’s not to say the Whitby Gazette didn’t take the elections seriously – a double page spread offered each of the parties a chance to get their point across, including perhaps the most compelling outline for devolution in Yorkshire you could hope to read:

yorkshirefirstVoter apathy is often blamed on lack of coverage in the media. I always think the media is just an easy scape goat for politicians who are failing to connect with the public.

I think the Whitby Gazette vox pop proves that to be exactly the case.





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