The best newspaper-branded thing ever?


Boris Johnson in Blackburn

No, not Boris (although more on him later). Check out this sofa.

261220111523Over the years I’ve seen newspaper branded mugs (hundreds of them), pens, stickers, coasters, football mascots, teddy bears and even milk bottles (see right!).

But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a branded sofa before.

Boris has – in real life – when he made a peculiar visit to East Lancashire, apparently on the grounds that he wanted to visit a factory in Chorley which made something for the London Underground.

I’m assuming his smile is because he’s mulling over the prospect of Burnley being back in the Premier League next season.

You can read about his visit here, meeting, amongst others, Bill Jacobs, one of the journalists I learnt the most from as a trainee way back when. 

There are more pictures on photographer Colin Horne’s brilliant Tumblr blog.


Boris Johnson visits Darwen in East Lancashire.

Posted by Colin Joseph Horne on Friday, April 4, 2014


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