How a restaurant turned to a local newspaper’s display ad department to make a customer’s wish come true

So, you see a national restaurant chain offering to make Christmas wishes come true. You know that by placing your wish on a tree in a branch of said restaurant, said restaurant will donate 50p to a charity. You’re feeling all warm and fuzzy already.

So what do you wish for? And what are the odds of it coming true?

Well, Adam Newell of Penrith took part in the promotion at Wagamama and he wanted a big advert in the paper saying how ace his wife was.

And last week, said advert appeared – not a 5×2 tucked away in the classified section of the Westmorland Gazette, but a half page display advert on page 14 of the paper:

great adverts

I spotted this ad while on holiday in the Lakes last week. I love the Westmorland Gazette. I could blog about how great it is all day long, but that would probably get a bit boring. I spotted this ad because it looked so out of place – I was reasonably confident Wagamama was yet to open up on the shores on Windermere.

Anyway, a cynic might argue asking for a wish which also provides a restaurant with publicity is always going to enhance the odds of your wish coming true.

But when the nearest Wagamama is 47 miles from where the paper is based – and it’s a long 47 miles too – that’s probably actually quite cynical.

I prefer to dwell on the fact that someone, somewhere, thought the best way to shout about how great his wife is was via an ad in the local paper. And I bet he’s not alone.

To abuse a well known football chat, many people love us – because we care.


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