I was wrong. Here’s perhaps the most remarkable regional press headline of the year so far

This morning, I blogged about how the ‘T word’ had  found its way into the Lancashire Telegraph after staff at the Thwaites brewery reacted to news they were facing redundancy:

blackburn telegraph


I suggested it was perhaps the first time the T word had appeared in a regional newspaper. However, and thanks to Chris Lennon, Blaise Tapp and David Banks among others for pointing this out, the Croydon Advertiser is perhaps the first local newspaper brand to confidently stick the T word in a headline:



And in the intro:

THE mother of a Croydon schoolgirl killed by a drug-driver has branded Justin Bieber a “stupid little twat” after the pop superstar was arrested in the US accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs.

And again in the quotes:

Natasha Groves said the singer’s actions had given in his millions of fans the impression that driving after taking drugs was acceptable.

Her daughter, Lillian Groves, 14, was knocked down and killed in June 2010 by a driver who had taken cannabis before getting behind the wheel.

Bieber, 19, was arrested early on Thursday morning racing his Lamborghini on a Miami Beech street.

After his court appearance, Mrs Groves posted on Lillian’s Facebook tribute page: “Justin Bieber you stupid little twat.

“Fine example you are to the younger generation and all your fans.

“Drink and drug driving costs lives and, unfortunately, not normally the idiot committing the crime.

“Hope they bang you up and throw away the key.

“To think, for a brief moment in her life, my daughter quite liked you.

“Through the actions of another arsehole like yourself, she is no longer here.”

I think, as far as the regional press goes, that’s probably a first. It’ll be interesting to see if it makes it into print….


2 thoughts on “I was wrong. Here’s perhaps the most remarkable regional press headline of the year so far

  1. Bit surprised by the ‘strength’ of the language in the two stories above. Will 2014 be the year cursing makes it out of the newsroom and into print?
    The Thwaites story would have presented a genuine problem for the Lancs Telegraph if it strongly felt such a word shouldn’t feature in its paper as it is obviously central to the story.
    I personally feel taking a grieving mum’s facebook comments about a major news story and turning it around into a story is a little distasteful.
    These comments were presumably an instant reaction – and as with so many modern day gut reactions recorded via social media – and then become a basis for a news story. Does Croydon really need a local link to ‘Canadian pop star arrested in Florida on driving under influence charge’?
    The Croydon Advertiser may have checked with Natasha Groves that she was willing for it to run a story based on the facebook comments. However I don’t think grieving people, even those who have spoken out previously or campaigned (as I think Ms Groves has with the Advertiser) should have to take extra care over very social media post as it may form the basis of a fairly tenuous local news story.
    Personally I was more surprised by the A word in the Croydon story than than the T word.

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