It’s a boy! The only headline for a right royal occasion

The Blackpool Gazette struck lucky with a very obviously local angle to the royal birth

A little later than planned, I’ve scooped up what the regional press did on the day after William and Kate announced the arrival of Prince George – although by then, he was just the new royal prince.

The story broke at around 8.30pm on Monday night – giving regional newspapers an interesting dilemma. Thanks to overnight printing in most newsrooms (which I still don’t think is the bad thing it’s often made out to be!), the story fell right into ‘our time.’

But with wall-to-wall saturation coverage, Kay Burley bouncing as though she’s been force-fed Haribos and the heavy artillery coverage the national press had poised and ready to go … was the greater opportunity in providing something a little different on the newsstands?

I imagine it probably came down, in part, to two things: How close deadline was, and, perhaps more importantly, what the readerships’ perceived view of the royal family is. I know a former news editor on a large regional daily who used to say one of the big attractions of moving to that paper was the fact its readers were said to hate the royal family.

Anyway, when was the last time the same headline appeared on the front of so many regional papers on the same day?

Great minds think a like – and it’s the first thing everyone asks anyway.

Other front pages going big on the baby included (I liked the Blackpool Gazette especially):

And what was making the front page for those papers which chose not to cover the royal birth on the front page? Well, since you asked:


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