What do you get if you mix Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, poetry and a promise to take out a rival … all in one ad?

tysonBeware: Blog post written by journalist talking about advertising.

That caveat to one side, I’ve always been told the idea of a good advert is to get it noticed, and ensure it’s remembered.

Whether or not amount of time spent look at the advert counts, I’m not sure. If it did, I think this advert from the Lancashire Telegraph would probably win the award for most studied ad of the year.

Having visited the website they promote, I now get it’s for a gym – maybe that’s the point.

I think it’s the first time I’ve seen an advert which combines poems, pictures of babies, men wearing masks, quotes from famous boxers and which promises to ‘take down’ a rival (DW being a reference, I believe, to D W Sports – a chain of gyms owned by Wigan Athletic owner Dave Whelan.

“Any of you gyms even dream of beating us in 2013 you’d better wake up and apologize! DW we’ll take you out, and I don’t mean ‘out for dinner!’… We are having you for dinner.”

Safe to say, I think, that that’s probably never appeared as a print ad slogan before now…



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