The FOI that kept on giving has just given again

Lancashire Evening Post OAP crime

Back when I used to do FOI Friday weekly (I do mean to get that going again), there was an FOI request which kept turning up again and again and again.

The first time I noticed this particular FOI was in June 2009 when the Bristol Evening Post revealed the OAP crimes which were committed in the Avon and Somerset area, including a suspected 99 year old burglar.

Since then, it’s yielded stories across the country, including an OAP crimewave in Brighton, two 85-year-old women arrested for assault in Birmingham, a violent 94-year-old in Manchester and a 99-year-old who was discovered ‘equipped for stealing’ in Cambridgeshire.

And four years on, it continues to turn up front pages – most recently this excellent one from the Lancashire Evening Post, complete with one of my favourite recent headlines.

I think the Post might also now hold the record for finding the oldest suspected criminal to date – a 110-year-old suspected of a breach of the peace in Blackpool. The mind boggles!



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