Blooming disaster: How trying to support an online business went very wrong (or why not to ever buy from Prestige Flowers)


So here was the plan: For once, Christmas was to be done away from the high street. I love the Trafford Centre most of the year, but just not at Christmas. And I’m also a little lazy. And I work in digital – so I really have no excuse for not shopping online.

Generally, it went very well. I discovered  – via a Facebook recommendation  – If it hadn’t been for the Ashes in 2013 (and tickets for Old Trafford) my Dad would have got one of these crickethouse bird boxes. Other presents came – via the same site – from Eka, Intwine and Claudette Worters. If anyone knows of any similar sites, please let me know in the comments.

Then it went wrong. It’s a bit of a tradition in our house to get flowers for the mothers – my mum, my wife’s mum and, as of 2011, my wife. A little bored with Interflora, I went in search of an online alternative. I stumbled across Prestige Flowers, which served up as a Google ad at the top of a search for ‘Marks and Spencer Flowers.’ I wasn’t after M&S flowers, but I wanted something similar.

Prestige’s selection of flowers seemed good, about the same price as Interflora and the promise of next day deliver – or, to be precise, Saturday delivery which many other sites couldn’t do – was the clincher. Mother-in-law’s flowers ordered, it was time to head to said Mother-in-laws.

We got there on the Sunday, the day after the flowers were due. No sign of the flowers. And here’s where choosing Prestige Flowers became a blooming disaster.

First off, I checked the website where I could track the delivery of the flowers. A link sent me to Yodel. Now, I know a lot of people have had problems with Yodel, but I never have. However, the idea of fragile flowers being shipped via a delivery company, rather than delivered by a local florist, rather jarred with the image Prestige creates on its website. Anyway, according to Yodel, they’d yet to receive the flowers to deliver.

So I tried to ring Prestige. This was the Saturday before Christmas. The offices of ‘the world’s premier florist’ – their words, not mine – were shut. Really. I’d have to ring back on Monday or, as the helpful voice said, contact them online.

So I tried that. And when you email them, you get a reply saying your email has been given a ‘ticket’ and placed in their customer service queue which you can view. It’s here. It’s appalling. And it appears to let you set how important your complaint is. They promise to ‘reply as quickly as possible’ but I’m still waiting. 10 days on.

I also got another reply, an automated response after I fired a message off to their main customer services email address. It was the first time I’d received a customer services message containing a threat:

This is an automated response to confirm we have received your query, we will get back to you as soon as possible, please refrain from sending multiple emails as this moves your query to the back of the queue and will only delay the time in which one of our staff will reply to you.

So, in other words: “We only answer things when we want to, and not at weekends ever, but don’t send us multiple emails because you go to the back of the queue.”

Still, they have an online community on Facebook. Or at least they do at first glance. But take a closer look at many of the comments on Prestige Flowers Facebook Page and see if they strike you as odd. But it’s no wonder they’re all positive, as the negative ones disappear quite fast:

Now you see it, oh, no you don't
Now you see it, oh, no you don’t

It turns out that while the call centre might not be open, but they have people hired to monitor the social media pages. So I tried a direct message to them and got this response:

HI David, unfortunately this is not a customer service platform, we run media campaigns for Prestige Flowers only. It is very busy at Customer Services and I am sure they will quickly deal with your query very soon. Thanks for your understanding.

So busy, in fact, they’re not even in work! But a Facebook page run by a third party company which is just for ‘media campaigns?‘ That’s hardly in the spirit of community Facebook pages are meant for, is it?  If I was Prestige Flowers, I’d be asking just how valuable my 4,000-plus fans are when so many of them seem to say such odd stuff on their Facebook fan page … and the odd customer who does try to contact them just gets a ‘sorry, advertising only here, guv.’ But maybe only once I’d got my own house in order. A bit like when a reporter telling an upset reader that it is the sub’s fault the headline is wrong. Doesn’t make much difference to the consumer, does it?

The flowers eventually turned up on Christmas Eve, just a few hours after Yodel received them. That was the day the recipient was actually meant to be travelling for Christmas, hence the importance of the Saturday order. Now, 10 days later, and despite various long waits on the phone to Prestige – they play Michael Jackson on loop when you’re on hold before offering you the chance to leave a message, which, no surprise, they don’t respond to – I’m still waiting for a reply.

In the meantime, I’ve done what bloggers do when they’re ignored. Blog about it.

As for the flowers, they were ok, nothing special. In fact, truth be told, I could have done better, and I hate flowers. Maybe that’s what I’ll do next time. For now, I’m putting a call into Trading Standards … and making sure I research companies in future before I use them.

Rant over.






28 thoughts on “Blooming disaster: How trying to support an online business went very wrong (or why not to ever buy from Prestige Flowers)

  1. “the idea of fragile flowers being shipped via a delivery company, rather than delivered by a local florist, rather jarred”

    Perhaps all the local florists have closed down because people think they can find a better service online rather than on their local high street.

    1. Hi. I think growth of supermarkets perhaps has more to do with the demise of the florist. In theory, the right online presence should help a florist thrive. But I take your point online also brings the scope for more competition eg Next flowers and the shower I’ve written about.

  2. Hi, another Manc here with an almost identical experience: I ordered flowers for “same day delivery” the Saturday after Christmas. It’s now Wednesday the 2nd January, and after four phone messages ( and waiting for a total of over an hour on hold listening to Mr Jackson)
    They were for my girlfriend whom I didn’t get to see at Christmas. She still does not have them, despite Prestige’s statement that: ” we understand that flowers are an emotional and personal gesture, therefore the importance that the recipient is delighted with their flower arrangement is imperative, and our number one priority. …and did we mention all of our orders are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee?” So they care, right?
    I have sent an email, and opened a ticket, tried their live help service and got nowhere. Fortunately I paid by Paypal and today launched a case against them,
    Oh, by the way, my last call was today at 4.30 pm, and the helpful voice told me that as their office hours are 9-5, they were closed.
    And the site says that “there is no tracking data available yet” for my fifty pound order.
    I too placed a few comments on their Facebook page which were removed in short order. I am now blocked. 🙂

    Googling the company it looks like a lot of people have been treated as shabbily as you and I. Perhaps some kind of group action would be in order.

    1. you’ve been blocked? You’re further on than me! I now just post on my timeline and refer to them. I think a letter to trading standards is next.

      1. I know! I did in fact get a reply this morning:
        Good Morning,

        Thank you for taking the time to e-mail in to us regarding your order. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this order has caused for yourself and for the recipient. Can you please confirm for me the full delivery address for your order so I can check the flowers have been delivered to the correct property,

        Thank you for your time and I await your reply,

        Many Regards

        Charlotte Noble

        Ticket Details
        Ticket ID: BAX-695-38634
        Department: Prestige Flowers
        Type: Issue
        Status: Closed
        Priority: Normal

        Support Center:

        You will note that “Charlotte” has marked the status as closed.

        replied as follows:

        Good morning.
        The delivery address as noted on your confirmation email to me is:

        ********************( Name and address of partner) ****************

        I look forward to your prompt reply, and your explanation as to why your staff did not call me back, your phone line was closed at 4.40 when the answering machine message stated 5, and why it took 3 days to reply.

        They have not replied to that one yet, so I sent a follow up this afternoon.
        You have to wonder if they are actually reading their emails…

        Trading standards will be getting a letter from me too. Fortunately I paid my Paypal and have opened a dispute so will probably get a refund from them, but it’s damn frustrating and takes time and effort. I paid THEM to put time and effort in:-)
        Thanks for not standing for it!

  3. A salutory tale indeed! Despite long IT experience and running a large e-commerce operation – I got caught in a scam operation and lost my car as a result – along with 300-400 others. The website and approach pre-sales was good – but afterwards when chasing I ended up getting threats. At least criminal action followed.

    Having had a look at the Prestige Flowers webssite, I do not believe their T&Cs etc comply with the Distance Selling Regulations (see
    Fresh flowers are not subject to the normal cancellation rights, but other products are and other provisions of the DSR still apply,

    Do complain to Trading Standards and potentially contact OfT as well although they tend not to take up individual issues … and you’ve the advantage 🙂 you could try speaking to their press office.

    I found it interesting that you’d found Prestige Flowers by search for M&S, as I’d recently read of a court case involving M&S, Interflora and GoogleAdWords. If Prestige Flowers are using GoogleAdWords which exploit the M&S name, then it may well be in breach of current Google rules. I’ve just searched on Google myself for “M&S Flowers” and got the Prestige Flowers advert (as well as one for M&S and another online retailer).

    Reading a bit more on the case when writing this, I find that Interflora also took action against “Flowers Direct” but that unlike M&S they settled. It now looks like Interflora themselves are using the Flowers Direct brand, domain name etc.

    Looking at the T&Cs for Flowers Direct – – they are much more what I’d expect to see as T&Cs for a UK online operation.

    See info about the Google rules at

    For more info on the court case, see:
    Court decision I read


  4. Same here, sick of hearing Mr Jackson being played at me, they blatently lied to me, promised to send the correct order to my elderly parents xms eve, poor old Dad waited in all day and yep, you guessed it zilch arrived.

    My comments on the facebook page have been deleted and i am now even unable to comment.

    Have contacted watchdog, so will wait and see.

    1. Thanks for the warning – I clicked on their website which appeared as an ad alongside M&S Online. I did a quick search on ‘Marks and Spencer flowers online versus Prestige Flowers’ and your blog came up. I will now go with M&S as I usually do, very glad I came across your blog!

  5. My partner and I have just experienced the same issue, only half the order was missing from the delivered parcel as well.

    A couple of review sites for this company are covered in fantastic reviews from ‘customers’. 10’s of reviews all on the same day. Something smells a bit fishy right?

    I also find it interesting how many ‘friends’ they have on facebook too – they all seem to have stock photos (some with water marks) and are all friends with each other. What a small world we must live in?!

    Thanks for the blog post – it gives people the truth!

  6. I paid over £30 for flowers that would have cost around £5 in a garage. Was for a very significant occasion and I feel terribly let down by this company. Customer service also very bad – just ignore emails when you don’t accept the £10 voucher. Please, please never buy flowers from this company…..

  7. Birthday flowers for my wife, seemed a good idea. Googled M&S, clicked the dropdown table for flowers, selected the flowers, filled in the forms.
    Received an confirmation email, didn’t take too much notice of it, I must admit.
    Flowers arrived on time. Prestige Flowers printed on the box, assumed working for M&S.
    After four days the roses were dying, only one lily opened.
    This cost £42.20 with £5.80 postage !!
    Called M&S told we do not have third party suppliers.

    Called Prestige Flowers,spoke to someone, and told then flowers were dying after four days.
    They replied ‘Send a photograph’.
    Sent photograph, received an email saying you should have complained within THREE days.

    So much for 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    Use this company at your peril.

    Google needs to look at this company if they feel they have any social responsibility.

  8. Received a bouquet, from Prestige Flowers, the Tuesday after Mother’s Day the flowers looked tired when I received them, they were wilted by Wednesday and dead by Thursday. I Tried to phone them, waited to be answered nearly an hour every time, in the end tried live talk which was also not answered, ended up leaving an email which took a week to be answered. It told me how to look after the flowers which had long been binned. I am still in dispute with them and awaiting a response? Looks like another letter Trading Standards.

  9. I have also had the misfortune of dealing with this mob. An absolute disaster from start to finish (well not quite finished yet!) Delivered a half dead tiny bouquet a day late, have offered to refund me £10 (the difference between bouquet ordered and one sent) and a voucher for money off future purchases, like that ever going to happen. Have told them to keep their £10 refund and expect a letter from Trading Standards!

  10. Well I’ve just experienced the same thing. Ordered flowers for someone to take to a funeral. And now they’re a day late waiting at the local royal mail postal outlet for my 80 year old aunt to go and collect them. I just left a very negative facebook comment:

    Attention everyone do not order from this company. Their website is very misleading. Their top of page prominent “next day delivery” backed up by a “100% guarantee” is completely false. They use a 3rd party delivery service. The florist doesn’t deliver. They wash their hands of all responsibility then, so if your flowers don’t arrive the next day (after they’ve promptly billed your credit card) they’ll shrug and blame Royal Mail. This has been my experience. Their customer service is dismissive on the phone and relies on the safety of “live chat” to stubbornly refuse to assist you. Hopeless. Well that’ll teach me to not do better research next time. Oh and I’ll be interested to see if this comment remains as I’ve heard they like to delete negative comments…

    I also have saved a ridiculous back and forth with their live chat customer service rep. Horrid company.

  11. Hi
    Exactly the same experience as David in his first blog had, but instead of Yodel, it was Royal Mail and instead of it being Christmas it was somebody leaving our department, ordered the 12th March for next day delivery, 13th March (Friday before Mothers Day weekend). I have just recorded delivery a letter to their head office askinig for a full refund, because unlike David I never ever received the flowers, vase and chocolates. 10 days after our colleague had left the department they offered me a resend of flowers, vase and chocolates (not even a £10 voucher as in some of the cases above),and have taken no responsibility for the lack of delivery!!! I have had to foot the bill for the flowers as I organised the collection and could not let our colleague go without any flowers etc.

    I did actually get through to them on the phone a couple of times, but then I think they have caller ID and they blocked my calls. I have had many a live chat with their support team, well not live chat, emailed correspondence from various names (one of them from a Michael Noble rather than a Charlotte Noble as in one of the blogs above) at the end of an email, saying they are not responsible and like above are blaming Royal Mail etc.

    All of this really stressed me out and left me out of pocket considerably and just so fed up with it all.

    I have also reported them to Trading Standards.

  12. Thank you for writing your blog. I’m a very frustrated Prestige customer also wishing I did more research before I used them. I, too, found them via a M&S Flowers search and did a bit of homework. Unfortunately they make sure that the reviews that you find first are all positive. They are masters at removing bad reviews and their system of asking you to review immediately after ordering means that they get good reviews because they have a good website and it all seems rosy until delivery – or non-delivery!
    Neither of the bouquets I ordered arrived on the correct day. One was a day late, the other was never sent because I had chosen a Sunday (for Australian Mother’s Day).
    When I complained they lied to me about having emailed me and about when they had sent the flowers. Fortunately Royal Mail tracking showed that they hadn’t sent the flowers until midday of the delivery date which didn’t leave time for them to get to Scotland.
    It is unbelievable that this is the UKs biggest online florist – they are so bad!
    Having read all the above I suppose I should be happy that at least I have been getting replies to my emails. Let’s hope that they come through with the refund that they have offered me for the undelivered flowers.

  13. Prestige Flowers are a disgraceful company.

    I ordered flowers 2 days before our 5 year Wedding Anniversary for my wife to be delivered to her workplace so she would be surprised.

    At 14:30 I realised I hadn’t heard from her so thought I’d check on the order. Turns out they were not delivered to the courier until the day of the requested delivery! Needless to say when I called Royal Mail they confirmed the flowers were not going to be delivered on the day requested.

    When I contacted Prestige Flowers they basically said ‘oh well’ and claimed they were delivered the night before and refused refund.

    The main problem here is they use Royal Mail tracked not Royal Mail tracked 24 which would have ensured they are delivered on time. They still charged £6 for delivery and indicated the delivery date could be met, however the cheaper Royal Mail tracked service does not oblige Royal Mail to deliver on the requested date.

    Very poor service from a company delivering a product which is all about getting them on the day!

    Lesson learned, stay away from these crooks.

  14. I wish i had seen this blog sooner! They used UKMAIL as the courier. Paid for next day delivery as they are supposed to gave taken by my friend to a funeral.
    UKMAIL: ‘Sorry item delayed’ it was in fact ‘delayed’all day! Then have the audacity to send ema to me saying ‘item to be deliverded today between 1-2pm’ Its too late! the funeral has been and gone! Thats why i wanted ‘next day delivery’! PRESTIGE FLOWERS: no response as yet, even after sending them consumer rights act! (Bit dramatic, but im realing)
    Its not worth the stress just to save £5-6 ….
    I will stick to interflora!

  15. Hi
    I ordered blue and white flowers free vase and Belgium chocs from Prestige flowers for my parents 65th sapphire wedding anniversary, with a message blue flowers for your sapphire wedding anniversary. They did turn up next day, minus vase but they were red orange and yellow with the same message. I think my parents, who are in their 90’s thought I was losing the plot. The company asked for photographic evidence, which took a while as I have cancer and am not well, hence the purchase online.They then said the time line had expired. I had a confirmation e.mail with an image of the ordered flowers. What is wrong with these people. I really think they should be stopped from operating.

  16. Wish I had read this before I ordered, does anyone have a contact number for prestige flowers ? Going to try my luck at contacting them.

  17. 👎🏻Prestige Flowers are the most ridiculous company I have had the utmost displeasure of dealing with. I bought a bunch of flowers a month ago for my friend whose dog had died-obviously wanting the flowers the next day to be sent. Over a month later the flowers still hadn’t arrived despite numerous messages/phone calls and refusing a refund. In the end I had to get the flowers to be sent to me, looking like a bunch of half dead flowers from Morrisons along with a broken vase and no refund… Avoid this company at all cost, they are dreadful!!👎🏻

  18. Bouquet ordered arrived 2 days late. A few flowers were ok initially. Lily stems were curled at the bottom like old daffodil stems when you are about to throw them out. Blue multi bud flowers fell like raindrops all over the place leaving bare stumps. Roses withered by day 2 and now by day 4 everything is ready for the bin. Customer services have required numerous photos which I sent and are offering another bouquet. Not much use if the recipient is about to leave the country. Refusing a full refund which is the entitlement under the sale of goods act. Will be posting all photos on social media with a warning to others abour the substandard flowers and substandard customer service. Their answer to not giving a refund was that they could not resell the flowers if returned! Eh? Methinks it will be done though the credit card compan as they are not getting away with this.

  19. I have just ordered valentines day flowers and did not realise it defaulted to next day delivery, 10 days before valentines day. I made several attempts to contact Prestige flowers including a change to the order within an hour. I got a response to say that it was too late it had already been shipped. I have learnt my lesson. I will never ever deal with them again. I have sent my final complaint. I will drop it now as I realise they just don’t care and I will only stress,

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