Mapped: How 200 weekly newspapers splashed on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

You know when you have an idea, think it’ll just take a few minutes and it’ll be great? Well this is one of those, and it hasn’t taken a few minutes and I’m not sure it’s great.

But having used Twitter, Pagesuite and various other tools to trawl for as many weekly front pages this week as possible (I’m still amazed by the number of newspapers which don’t tweet or Facebook their front pages – free marketing anyone?), here is a map of 194 Jubilee-themed front pages from Britain’s weekly newspapers:

(click on a pin to see the front page)



  1. I consider myself fairly tech savvy but I cannot fathom how in heck you managed to do this. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to learn in detail how you pulled it off – I know Pagesuite is a digital publishing platform but wow.

    Great job, David. Proud of ya!

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