The blogging parodox: The less time you spend on it, the bigger impact it will have…

I guess it was ever thus in journalism: Much as the stuff we spend most time doing feels important, it’s often the throwaway things which have the biggest impact.

That’s especially so online – just stick a story out about UFOs and watch it fly, pardon the pun.

Here’s a bit of an infographic I threw together after my hastily-written blog post about a woman’s front page ad seeking out a bloke she’d met in Huddersfield went a bit mental:

In the true spirit of less effort for more return, I didn’t put *too* much effort into making the infographic look pretty.

You can read the stories referred to here (popular post) and here (less popular post). The Scunthorpe post was the most popular post I’ve ever written, closely followed by this one:

Is this the most jaw-dropping CCTV still ever? (Again, it wasn’t exactly a labour-intensive post to write)


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