The newspaper which quoted a blog which wrote about an advert in a newspaper (or: Did Amanda meet her man?)

Remember this from last week?

It appeared on the front page of the Scunthorpe Telegraph. Clearly, Amanda was very keen to meet up with the friend of the fireman.

But did it happen? The Scunthorpe Telegraph’s edition this week covered the advert which graced their front page the previous week, with an article on page 3 which included a quote from my post about the advert from last weekend (I think some might describe this as the media eating itself, but it did describe me as a ‘senior figure in the newspaper industry which, while incorrect, does massage my ego somewhat, so we’ll let it pass.)

The short answer is no, Amanda’s mystery man hasn’t made himself known. Judging by the article in the Telegraph, Amanda wasn’t keen to elaborate on her advert – not even her surname is revealed. The only facts Amanda did release were that she hadn’t yet got in contact with the mystery man she met, and that the meeting took place in Huddersfield’s Revolution bar (after their game with Scunthorpe, hence the advert in the Telegraph).

Her quest also made a brief piece in the Huddersfield Examiner – I believe she wasn’t too keen to elaborate with the Examiner either – where the Huddersfield Town Supporters Association is also helping with the quest to track down the mystery man.

In the meantime, I suggest you read the Telegraph article – it’s a brilliant mixture of football fans’ speculation and, brilliantly, contains a smattering of ‘Well, it’s not us, Guv.’

The mystery goes on…


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