Tweet the week: Five interestings tweets for journalists to kick off the week

Ok, so here’s the idea: For as long as I’ve used Twitter, I’ve used the ‘favorite this tweet’ button as a bookmarking tool, honestly intending to return to the favorites list at some point for a browse. That rarely happens.

So I’ve had this idea: Keep on pressing the favorite button and then look at it at the end of the week, taking five of the saved Tweets and listing them here. Hopefully it’ll work for me, and will hopefully be interesting for you too. We’ll see.

1. Proof that journalists are being watch – and why we should take note:

2. Getting to grips with election maps:

3. Useful tools for journalists doing data:

4. A reality check on social media?

5. And finally: Dodgy relationships involving newspapers (and nothing to do with Jeremy Hunt!)



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