Saying sorry for a missing apostrophe

Apologies and corrections. No-one likes them. For the newsroom, it’s an admission of getting something wrong when it shouldn’t have. For the complainant, well, they’d rather have not had to complain in the first place (green ink brigade excluded from that last statement).

In the Chorley Guardian – an excellent weekly newspaper editorially (and the opposition to my first place of work, the Chorley Citizen) – I saw an apology with a difference. Editorial hadn’t done anything wrong – but it appears advertising hadn’t done anything right:

As adverts for pubs go, one which gets details of events wrong and dinner serving times is obviously bad news once, but to do it twice?

But what’s with the obsession over the apostrophe in Bowen’s Pies? Twice mentioned. Far be it from me to criticise another company’s punctuation – but if you can’t make your mind up on your website about the use of the apostrophe on your pies, it’s hardly surprising others get confused.

Imagine if we ended up apologising for every typo which appeared in print…


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