Social media Advent calendar Day 22: Tweriod

22. Tweriod

Here’s a simple question: When’s the best time to Tweet? Type it into Google, and you’ll find many posts talking about, generally, the best times to Tweet. There’s also a lot of advice on repeating Tweets to catch different timezones as they log on in the morning.

But tools which just tell you when you should tweet – which is where Tweriod comes in. It analyses the last 200 tweets of your followers and notes when they were online, producing four times of day when you should be tweeting to stand the best chance of catching them. It also breaks it down by day, so you get different times on a Saturday to, say, a Sunday.

The times it gives you are based on the timezone set for your Twitter account.

You can get regular updates for free, but much beyond the basic service and you’ll be asked to pay a subscription. A simple, but effective, tool all the same.

PS – it’s also the only Twitter tool I’ve seen so far which explains its name: “Pronounced as Twe – roid A service that improves the performance and effectiveness of your twitter posts.”


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