Social media Advent calendar day 20: Memolane

20. Memolane

Memolane is a tool I’ve played with a few times and still is still filed, in my head at least, as ‘fun, and I’m sure there’s more to it than that.’

Plug your social networks into Memolane – and by social networks I mean more than Twitter and Facebook, as it does many more such as Flickr, as well as WordPress – and it presents all your entries on a timeline.

On a purely practical level, it’s a good way to find everything you’ve every put on all your social networks in one place. On a visual level, it’s also very cool.

But there is more to it than that. From what I’ve read – I’ve not tried it – it’s embeddable and you can create new ‘lanes’ and share access with others to build up timelines of specific events or time periods.

In one sense, it’s a lot like Tweetdeck in the sense that it has an obvious use, and looks good, but the more time you spend getting used to it, the more valuable you’ll find it.





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