Social media Advent calendar Day 19: Crowdbooster


I’m a sucker for a good visualisation of a social network, so was always going to be a winner for me.  But it’s more than just a pretty graph service. If you’re serious about your Twitter or Facebook presence, either personally or for a brand account, then it feels like a must have.

Dealing with the big picture above first – attach it to a Twitter account and it’ll tell you the number of people a Tweet reached, and the number of people who retweeted each tweet. In theory, the more tweets toward the top right of the graph, the better.

It does other stuff too. When you log in, it’ll flag up the tweets you’ve yet to reply to, and also list the most influential followers you have (generally the people who follow you who have the most followers) and, perhaps most usefully, the people who retweet you most frequently.

Over time, it’ll also build up a picture of when you should tweet to reach maximum audiences.

And it does some cool stuff for Facebook too, producing a similar graph for posts – impressions v likes, again, you want to be in the top right of the graph – and suggests when to post updates for the highest audience.

It also does something I’ve not seen anywhere else – tells you your top fans based by likes, comments and other interactions.


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