Social media Advent calendar day 18: Tweepsmap


This tool is a bit of fun, but also very useful if you are a regional journalist, or someone who manages the Twitter account of an organisation which is located in one particular area, such as a council.

Ask the questions “What sort of audience is really useful to me” or “What sort of audience am I really useful for”  and it’s likely the word ‘local’ will come back as one of the definitions. After all, there’s not much point being a reporter in Bradford telling people on Twitter about Bradford stuff if half of your followers are living in Texas. Yet that’s the scenario some people found themselves in when they tried to build up their follower volume quickly with one of the ‘get lots of followers quick’ tools. Big audience isn’t always best audience.

So, to determine how relevant your audience is to where you work, use Tweepsmap. It takes the location details of your followers and plots them on to a map. You can ask for country, state or city breakdown. In the case of the @birminghammail account, 75% of followers are in the UK, 67% are from England and 41% from Birmingham, which suggests the Mail is doing a good job of attracting the right sort of followers.

If, however, you were to find you had a very small proportion of people from your area, that’s when you’d turn to tools like Listorious, twiangulate, followerwonk or locafollow to start finding local, relevant, followers.


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