Social media Advent calendar day 15: Twiangulate

15. Twiangulate

Here’s another useful tool for tracking down new followers. Twiangulate does a number of things, including comparing the followers of two or three accounts, which is a good way of working out whether you’re generally just talking to other journalists on Twitter, or talking to a wider community. It will also tell you who the most influential followers of several accounts are – meaning you have the chance to find out who you should be following in the hope they’ll follow you back (below).

But perhaps the best tool within this website is the ‘keywords’ search (above). It allows you to specify an account – in the example above, I’ve used Rossendale Council’s Twitter account – and select a keyword from the biography of the followers. I chose the word ‘Rawtenstall’ – the name of the main town in Rossendale, and of 1.005 followers of the council’s account, i get a list of the seven people who say they are from Rawtenstall. This could be particularly useful when looking for followers among big accounts, such as football clubs. It even has a button at the bottom to turn the results into an instant list.

Twiangulate takes a while to understand, but it’s worth it if you want to be following useful, powerful people relevant to your area of work.


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