Social media Advent calendar day 14: Locafollow


This, of all the 24 tools in the Advent calendar, is probably the one many people will have heard from. I’ve certainly blogged about it before.

The reason for mentioning it again, then, is because it seemed to disappear for a while, but has recently returned.

As Twitter tools for regional journalists – especially patch reporters – go, it’s got to be one of the most effective.

It allows you to search for people based on the location they’ve put in their biography or  on other details they’ve put in their biography.

You can also search on what they’re tweeting about – so creating a combination of tweet search and location search – potentially very handy when a news story is breaking.

Imagine you were covering the Birmingham Riots again – a tweet search would have brought up thousands of references, largely from people who weren’t there, but were sharing second-hand information. Locafollow, I think, makes it easier to find people who are witnesses to something.


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