Social media Advent calendar day 12: followerwonk

12. Followerwonk

Here’s a tool which might look a little basic design-wise, but is certainly very, very useful.

It does a variety of things in terms of looking at your followers – and the followers of other people – but two things stand out for me.

The first is the effortlessly simple biography search (above example is for the term “Sutton Coldfield”) which pulls in results from any reference in the biography.

You have to subscribe ($15 a month) to activate the ‘follow’ button to the left of each name, but as a way of sifting through people on Twitter to find potential new people worth following, it’s still worth doing.

The second thing I particularly like is a bit geeky, but still has the power to be useful. It’s a tool which will compare the followers of up to three Twitter accounts and present them in a venn diagram:

A bunch of results come up. In this case, I’ve compared the @birminghammail and @birminghampost accounts to find out how much overlap there is. Around 3,000 people follow both accounts, while over 6,000 follow just the Post and 5,000 just the Mail. This tells me that the two titles are attracting different audiences – something which could be very useful when planning future content. I could also compare competitor brands to work out who my brand should also be following, especially as the results come up based on ‘influence’ – probably based partly on number of followers.

A number of graphs on the right – comparing the number of new follows each day, the number of tweets per day and average tweets per day – are also useful.

All in all, a very handy tool.

What’s this calendar all about then?


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