Social media Advent calendar day 9: Formulists

9. Formulists

There’s using Twitter and using Twitter. And if you want to be using Twitter in a way which is super efficient, then you need to be doing more with Twitter lists – the tool which enables you to build mini-communities and segregate Tweets by topic, location or theme – in fact, any way you want to cut it.

The only thing with creating lists on Twitter is that it’s a bit clunky and, well, it can be a bit of a hassle finding the right people to add to that list. So if you’re a journalist covering, say Redcar, it can be a faff searching for tweets saying Redcar, and then deciding whether to follow them. And that’s doubly difficult if you want to follow people from Redcar talking about Redcar.

Say hello to Formulists, a brilliantly simple tool which takes the hassle out of building lists. When you log in, you choose what sort of list you want to build – do you want to work just within your followers and those you are following, or search Twitter in general, for example.  You can then search by words used in Tweets as well as references made in biographies and/or locations. Interested in people talking about the NHS in Liverpool? Easy.

There are loads of other ways to get stuff from this tool. Found one useful person and wanted to find similar useful people? You can do that too. You can also see which followers you interact with the most – are you in danger of spending too much time talking to colleagues, for example – and also see who is adding you to lists (although you can also do this through Twitter).

This is one of those tools which actually makes using Twitter easier than using Twitter itself.

What’s this calendar all about then?


One thought on “Social media Advent calendar day 9: Formulists

  1. Thanks so much for writing this wonderful post, David! For users who want to play around with different recommended ways to organize their Twitter network we also have two kinds of previewers: -> Top mentioners, retweeters and more -> Top location and bio words of people you follow -> Top location and bio words of followers

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