Social media Advent calendar day 7: Socialditto

7. Socialditto

You see stories based on Tweets appearing online all the time. Often, they’ve begun life in print and are therefore less than interactive online. Doing screengrabs of Tweets is one way to show the ‘evidence’, but embedding it is even better.

For this blog, I use the WordPress tool Blackbird Pie, which serves up a Tweet as it appears on Twitter – but I’ve started to like Socialditto more.

Why? Because it makes it possible to embed Facebook statuses too.

To get the embed code to embed the status from either Twitter or Facebook, you just need the URL of that status update, which can be found by clicking the time the update was made – normally listed as how many minutes or hours ago it took place.

Copy that into socialditto and it serves up embed code, ready to be used on a website. The user can then click on the status update to go to the person’s profile, and maybe even start talking with them.

It’s a way of making an article part of the social media discussion – which is pretty fundamental if the story is based on a social media discussion in the first place.


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