Social media Advent calendar Day 5: Twileshare


Most Twitter users will be familiar with twitpic and similar photo-sharing tools, but what if you want to share a document? That’s where twileshare comes in.  It allows you to log into Twitter and upload pdf and doc files in addition to jpgs, pngs and gifs. Obviously some of those image formats are covered off by Twitpic, yfrog and similar.

So when would you use Twileshare? I see it as a handy tool for crowdsourcing – say you have a council report you want people’s opinions on, or a background document from a health authority which you want to link to to support the line you’ve taken on a story.

It could also be a much more simple way of sharing a document than uploading it to a site or blog and the manually copying and pasting the link across.

> > The Social Media Advent Calendar – what’s this all about?

Twitpic and co help you tell a story differently – through images. Twileshare goes further than that, it allows you to open up the way you tell stories before you’ve told them.


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