Social media Advent calendar day 4: The Archivist

The Archivist

4. The Archivist

There are a slew of social media monitoring tools out there – and there may well yet be more in the Advent calendar – but The Archivist is a little different.

Sign in with your Twitter account and select a keyword, hashtag, brand or other search term and The Archivist trawls Twitter for the last 500 tweets containing that phrase. The archive will then regularly update over the following days, creating a useful overview of a particular term which you might be interested in.

The longer the archive exists, the more useful it becomes. Over time, I’ll be able to tell the days when people were talking about @birminghammail most, for example, which can then provide the catalyst to see what was special about that day. It also provides the top users of a chosen phrase – are these people your brand needs to target, are they champions of you or your subject, or harsh critics?

A handy piechart also shows the volume of retweets mentioning your search term as a ratio of overall Tweets – a good way of telling if your brand is gaining traction.

Of perhaps more use to reporters is a list of common phrases used alongside a search term – a good way of perhaps coming up with other searches to try to get information.

The sixth chart above is also telling for journalists – the sources of Tweets. If Twitterfeed is overwhelmingly dominant – which it isn’t in the case of the Mail – then your brand is pushing out a lot of tweets automatically but being ignored, while the presence of Tweets which began on the ‘tweet button’ would tell you have effective social sharing on your site is.

A good all-round tool which provides retrospective social media monitoring – something which is surprisingly useful in the age of real-time interaction.



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